Lundy Print Co. is the small private screen print studio of veteran print maker Ryan Lundy, located in the heart of Vancouver's downtown eastside. Spanning a commercial printing career of more then 10 years, Ryan has worked for several shops in western Canada, dealing both in large scale textile print production and small scale textile and art print production. Lundy Print Co. was officially opened in 2015 and is the culmination of these years of experience for "Rye".

We offer standard custom commercial textile printing on things like t-shirts, hats and beer koozies, as well as art and poster print production. In addition, we also offer a completely unique service to the public: the ability to have your own personal photographs screen printed onto wood or paper, creating a beautiful, lasting, one-of-a-kind piece of art. Wood panel prints can be framed in rustic reclaimed wood, giving the end product the perfect finish that ties it all together. This same photographic printing technique can also be done on paper or other flat media.

Whatever your print project or merch needs might be, we can probably help you get it done right. Send an email to or use our Contact page to get a custom quote on your order. Feel free to also ask any questions you might have, we are happy to help.


Ryan's ongoing print series "This Old Town" features a collection of archival photographs from days gone by screen printed onto birch panels and framed using beautiful reclaimed wood. These photos glimpse into the past, reminding us of the immensity of space and time between then and now and the ways in which the city exists as a palimpsest with the erasure and accumulation of built forms and the multiple ways in which we inhabit them.

The first 7 prints show images taken in the early 20th century of the immediate area outside and around Ryan's print studio located in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Some images included the development of the now defunct interurban tram lines, the iconic Carnegie building and a grand topiary arch that recalls the large Japanese presence in the area at the time. Many of the scenes seem a world apart from the Vancouver of today but by placing oneself in the spaces that the prints depict, our ties to the past become more tangible.

The series can be viewed HERE.

All art and other things made by Ryan that are currently available can be purchased by visiting his STORE